your bethany beach house hosts

The Gang daisy was born in 2005, soon after her momma was rescued by beagle rescue education welfare (BREW) while pregnant
she is very curious, doesn't woo as much as other beagles (which suggests she's not all beagle), and very sweet...and sniffy (which does suggest she's all beagle)
daisy loves carrots, cheerios, and burrowing under afghans. she does not like the ocean or pressure-treated decking
she is a good, good girl

a lab/shepherd mix, brody was born in 2001 on a farm in western maryland. his aunt--and first trainer--didn't like him, which was their loss


he met daisy and pearl in early 2010 and they became close, good friends trying to find places to potty during the snowiest winter on record


his legs are a little too sort, his ears are a little too small, and his nose is quite pink, but he is loyal,smart, kind, a great protector of his pack, and always, always, happy


the brodster loves ice cubes, squeaky toys, and his momma with all his warm, fuzzy heart


he is a very, very good boy.

born in 2001, pearl city, AKA TMC's golly girl, raced in daytona and west VA.  she was a pretty good racer and didn't come off the track until a few months shy of her 5th birthday


now retired for more years than she raced, pearl is calm and regal on a leash, but goofy and nosy among her friends and a notorious hoarder of stuffed toys


she also loves cherrios, the ocean surf, play bows, and her beagle sister and slightly older brother.  she really likes snow, but not ice-covered streets and grass


she is also a good, good girl